About Us

The purpose of this project is to collect and share stories of everyday heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here if you have a story you would like to share.

Living through a pandemic exacts an emotional toll, which is different for each of us. While it's necessary to understand the facts and statistics during this strange time, it's not sufficient. We want to understand what people are actually experiencing. While it's important to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, it's also helpful to know that we're not going through this alone.

We believe in the value of sharing human stories. Our hope is that these podcast episodes can help bring us together. They can paint a picture to reflect our own thoughts and feelings. They can show the actions we took to care for each other along the way.

In Season One, we're going to meet an actor who donates blood, a director of a memory care unit, a mask-maker, a magician who does construction work, a nurse who interacts daily with people who may have been infected, a teacher who lost her job, and several other everyday heroes. Their stories are going to be remembered.

We're making this podcast available for free in streaming video and as an audio download. Enjoy!

Meet the team behind this podcast

  1. Michael T. Starks

    Michael T. Starks (Producer, EverydayHeroes: A COVID-19 Podcast) is a software developer and movie-maker with a background in physics. He is known for directing a modern adaptation of Macbeth(2006) and the comedy ColoradoLand(2020). He has produced and directed many short movies, including Brick’s Gambit (2018). He and his wife Karilyn,the owners of Ionogen Media, LLC, are known as the “Mom and Pop” of Colorado movie-making. This is his first podcast.

  2. Angela Rothermel

    Angela Rothermel is the Host of EverydayHeroes podcast. She is an actress who lives and works in Colorado.

  3. Pam Renall

    Pam Renall (Advisor) is an Actress, Host and Producer, known for her most recent role in Unfollower, a thriller feature film about cyber stalking. Pam is also in pre-production on several television and film projects. Pam is both a Comedic and Dramatic Actress trained in Colorado, and is local hire in LA, Atlanta, New Mexico and New Zealand.

  4. Rhonda Peters

    Rhonda Peters (Advisor) serves as an Area Director for Toastmasters in Colorado.

  5. Glenda O’Neill

    Glenda O’Neill (Advisor) is originally from Northern Ireland. She works at Terumo BCT and has served as President of the Terumo BCT Toastmasters organization.