Season 1 Episode 0: Trailer

Date Published: July 13, 2020

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Micheal Starks

Michael T. Starks (Producer, Everyday Heroes: A COVID-19 Podcast) is a software developer and movie-maker with a background in physics. He is known for directing a modern adaptation of Macbeth (2006) and the comedy ColoradoLand (2020). He has produced and directed many short movies, including Brick’s Gambit (2018). He and his wife Karilyn, the owners of Ionogen Media, LLC, are known as the “Mom and Pop” of Colorado movie-making. This is his first podcast.

Here's a glimpse of the people we'll meet in Everyday Heroes: A COVID-19 Podcast.

Credits EVERYDAY HEROES: A COVID-19 Podcast. Featuring Angela Rothermel and guest. Produced by Michael T. Starks. Editing Services by Brian Torres, Irlend Productions Independent, LLC. All Images and Footage used with Permission & Licensing, Provided by Adobe Stock and "Say a Prayer for the Living" Music, Lyrics & Performed by Michael T. Starks. Special Thanks to Karilyn T. Starks. Ionogen Media, LLC Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.